Viral Kids


At the start of the pandemic, we had an idea to create a time capsule of our children from this unique time by recording their responses to questions about the coronavirus pandemic. The idea caught on with our friends and we were overwhelmed by the response. We are grateful to the more than 80 kids from 17 countries who have contributed videos. You can see the trailer here. Then check out the full film or individual answers below. 

What is coronavirus?

'Coronavirus is a disease that nobody has a cure to and its very scary . .  .'

What's changed?

'Its been a long time since there has been something that has caused everyone to be scared. . .'

What are the supermarkets like?

'Supermarkets are hectic. Everyone is running around trying to get toilet paper, hand sanitisers, masks . . .'

What's it like staying home?

'I think the biggest change is that people who live lives that are so fast paced are now forced to stay at home and not to go to work and live their life confined to their homes . . .'

Any advice for your parents?

'Keep calm be at peace that this all will end. . .'

How about your pets?

'The only time I am out of my apartment is when I walk Maui my dog. I put the mask on and we go for 20 minute walks. . .'

Are you worried about your grandparents?

'My grandpa caught coronavirus and unfortunately passed away. The funeral was completely virtual, only 3 people could be there. But we held the whole funeral on zoom. There were about 280 logins. I wouldn't say it was bad. But it was different, very different . . .'

What is school like now?

'Economic groups are different at my school. Some are very poor with very bad internet, and just a cell phone. It doesn't compare with watching your teachers on a computer . . .'

What about others?

'One of my biggest fears is the long and short term effect its going to have on our global economy . . .'

What is the first thing you will do?

'The first thing I am going to do is run to my best friend's house and hug her soo tight . . .'

What is the silver lining?

'I just hope it empowers me and my generation to go out there and work harder than ever before. Because if this experience has said anything it's that the world works better when we work together . . .'




Kirk Marcolina has worked in television and documentary filmmaking for over 20 years as a Producer, Director and Editor. Kirk’s feature documentary work includes “Limited Partnership” and “The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne”; both have received critical acclaim and numerous awards. Marcolina recently served as the Advertising Director for Australian Marriage Equality and is on the Board of Directors of REELise Inc, a youth film festival and platform to fight cyberbullying. He lives in Sydney with his husband Rob and their 14 year-old daughter, Sophie. 

Jessica Hatherall has worked as a filmmaker and as a lawyer and advocate with expertise in international human rights law throughout her career. Jessica is currently the Head of Policy & Strategy at the Australian Pro Bono Centre. Jess's film work includes "Charlie's Party", "Hey, Hey It's Esther Blueburger" and "Trapped". She lives in Sydney with her husband, Rich, Felix (14), Ivy (12), Josie (10) and dog Mabel. 



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